I’m Venetia Howes. I help women over forty take control of their lives … the Fit Weigh.


You can reach and maintain your goal weight, feel more energised and manage your hormones.


Combining the best nutrition science with personal accountability coaching, I’ll help you love your body, recover the energy you once had and change your life.


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The Fit Weigh was established in 2016 by me, Venetia Howes. Prior to this, I enjoyed a long career in marketing but soon realised that I wanted more. After finally getting into the best shape of my life after years of trying,  I knew then that I wanted to follow my passion for health and fitness and teach other women how to reconnect with and fall in love with their bodies and become the best versions of themselves.



Do you feel that you have lost control of your health, fitness or overall wellness and finally want to gain it back?

The Fit Weigh can help you kickstart your health and wellness journey now through personalised Health Coaching and Online Personal Training!


Do you long for a good relationship with food, to ditch the dieting roller coaster and live a healthy and happy life? Are you totally overwhelmed, confused about what to eat, should you be gluten free, low fat, high fat, high protein?


The Fit Weigh can help you kickstart your health and wellness journey now!


Do you feel unfit and would
love to exercise but just don’t know how to?


You want to start moving but just don’t have the motivation?


You wish you could have

your own personal trainer but feel that it’s costly for you to maintain?


The retreats provide the ultimate opportunity for you to press the pause button on the crazy pace of life today, to take a complete break from all of the stress & demands placed upon you...

The Fit Weigh retreats are so much more than just an ordinary getaway.



Employees are a company’s greatest asset. Improving and maintaining their health and wellness with comprehensive and custom health solutions is vital, as healthier people produce stronger results, and are ultimately more engaged and effective in the workplace.



My clients transform before my eyes and I would love to help you feel your best.

The Fit Weigh offers various health coaching, online personal training and combination packages to suit you. They are tailored to suit your goals, budget and the level of support you require.


“Dear Venetia, what an amazing
6-week journey it has been. One that has ‘re-coded’ my healthy life plan. The results have been evident and that I will be forever grateful to you. I was at such cross-roads where nothing was working before we met. I felt so desperate. But now I feel wonderful because I have achieved overall well-being. I will highly recommend you and your programme to anyone who is in a similar situation to what I was in.”

From Cherry (65) 

“I ate badly and had no balance.
I ate small meals and always felt hungry. I did not have enough meals. I was so disappointed in myself for getting to this state before meeting with Venetia. I felt that the process has been very informative and enjoyable. I have achieved the knowledge on correct food choices and now know that there is a healthy substitute for everything. I feel very motivated and confident about this programme. I would recommend this programme to others. Venetia is easy to chat to and makes suggestions on better options. She explains everything in simple terms which is easy to understand. She is very motivating and supportive.”

From Bronwyn (49)

“I was feeling generally unfit and overweight. I was fed up knowing that I could do better. Working with Venetia was very enjoyable experience with time for insightful discussions. I found her support very helpful and motivating. I feel much healthier and fitter. I'm exercising more and I’ve lost weight. I feel great! Venetia is very professional and supportive. She coaches you to be insightful about the choices you make. The things I have learnt have been of huge benefit. Thank you!”

From Sarah (54)



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