As your Corporate Wellness Expert, The Fit Weigh will partner with your HR team to bring nutrition and wellness knowledge into your workplace. We will energise your team, offer new ways to make good health part of your workplace and will also share practical tips for staying active and productive.


The Fit Weigh offers on-site corporate wellness solutions to promote employee wellness & lower healthcare costs, which includes the following:


Customised corporate programmes

We will work with you to design a wellness programme to meet your company’s needs. Customised programmes can incorporate group health coaching, fitness classes, nutrition classes, friendly challenges, informational seminars, and more.


Health and wellness seminars and workshops

We combine motivation with practical advice, whether for a small or large group. Topics might cover ‘Your super energy prescription’, ‘How to kick your sugar addiction’, or ’Healthy eating at work’.

Health and wellness seminars and workshops

The Fit Weigh combines motivation with practical advice, whether for a small group or a large group.


Health & wellness lunch & learn

We provide customised education to employees specifically on how to improve eating habits, reduce stress, and increase healthy lifestyle activities such as cooking and exercise.

Employee wellness challenges

This is a chance for employees to have fun while creating healthier habits. The Fit Weigh creates a personalised challenge based on the exact needs of the employees.


Nutrition days for employees

The Fit Weigh offers employees the opportunity to experience a 20-minute one-on-one health & wellness consultation when they will be given wellness advice.


Monthly wellness groups

This is a monthly meeting where everyone can come together and get additional support from a health coach and each other.


Management training

Through this programme The Fit Weigh trains management on how to encourage employees to become more active and healthier.