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Lasting results are possible if you have the right plan and support and this is how it will be when you work with The Fit Weigh.

You can finally fall in love with your body and live
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  • Make yourself a priority

  • Break free from cravings

  • Build a great body image

  • Regain your confidence

  • Ditch the dieting roller coaster for good.

The Fit Weigh can help you kickstart your health and wellness journey now.

The benefits you’ll enjoy

Achieving your wellness goals will:

  • Enable you to buy and wear clothes that make you feel confident, beautiful and sexy

  • Reduce risk of weight related illnesses – diabetes,
    heart attack, high blood pressure, sleep apnoea

  • Reset your metabolism

  • Curb your sugar cravings

  • Boost your self-confidence and attract solid relationships at home and in your career

  • Live a longer and healthier life without relying on medication

  • Stabilise your hormones

How we’ll do it together
We’ll use balanced nutrition plans with all food groups included,  and low glycaemic principles to balance your blood sugar. There will be no hunger, no cravings and no deprivation.

We’ll create a system perfectly suited to your lifestyle and provide regular food diary reviews (with great recipes). You will be coached every step of the way.

We’ll include powerful coaching, visioning, goal setting and healthy affirmations to break your limiting beliefs and keep you moving forward. 

Coaching can be delivered face-to-face, online via Skype or as group coaching. You also get additional support via email, Whatsapp or texts between sessions.


A programme just for you

At the Fit Weigh, we create personalised programmes. During our one-on-one sessions we will focus on moving you towards your wellness vision.


We’ll find ways to reduce stress, add movement and build nurturing relationships with your family, career and friendships. Our holistic approach focuses on different areas of your life so you feel supported.